Kids for Utica, City Youth and Victorious Life Church provides transportation to and from services whenever possible.

We are limited on the amount of people we can carry so we ask everyone to make arrangements for their own transportation needs.

If you need a ride to one of the services we ask that you call 315-797-0418 by 4:30PM on the day you need transportation. We will begin picking up children or adults approximately an hour before service begins. Sorry we cannot be more specific about the time to pick up each person so we ask for everyone to be ready by 5:00PM. Please be ready as we do not have time to wait for each child to put their shoes on, coats, sweaters etc. You must provide your own booster seat if necessary. (label booster seats with your name)

Parents: We will try to have children home as soon as possible after service. This is dependent upon the weather and the amount of children we need to transport. Please give us at least 1 hour after service to have your child home. It is usually dark by the time we get the kids home please turn your porch light on.

Our service ending time is:

8:00PM Tuesday
8:30PM Thursday

If your child needs to be home sooner you will need to pick him/her up yourself. NOTIFY Mr. Bill or Ms. Karen that you are picking up your child.

Parents: We do our best to drop off child at their house however this is not always possible. Many times we have to pick up and drop off children at a central location. There are predators out there MAKE arrangements for their SAFETY.

When we are able to drop children off at their house please make arrangements for your child to get in the house when we bring them home. It is too dangerous to drop off children and leave them standing outside. Please turn your porch light on.

Parents if you are going to transport your child to service and you would like for us give them a ride home we need to hear from you. We need to know you are expecting us to provide that ride. And we need to know where to take your child after service. If you expect us to give your child a ride home he/she is expected to adhere to all the rules just as if we had picked up your child.

If you need more information concerning transportation please call 315-797-0418